Foundation Staff Training & Development Fund



The HBCU Foundation’s Staff Training & Development Fund seeks to raise contributions in support of on-going foundation staff training, certification and professional development.  Your support will help The HBCU Foundation continue to build the capacity of our organization to serve our  communities.

What is Professional Development?

Professional development involves creating opportunities for staff to strengthen key skills and competencies that allow them to do their jobs better and grow as professionals. Organizations use professional development as a way to boost the skills of their current talent and grow employees into more advanced roles.

Why Does it Matter?

Employee talent is a nonprofit’s greatest asset and professional development is one of the best investments a nonprofit leader can make. Professional development has the potential to impact your organization’s bottom line in two key ways:

  1. when employees’ enhanced skills translate into more efficient and effective program delivery and
  2. when increased employee satisfaction reduces staff turnover.

A strong commitment to professional development is also a great recruitment tool. Top talent is eager for professional advancement opportunities and growing nonprofits that provide ongoing development are often more attractive to these potential recruits.

How will funds be used?

Your contributions will be used to help us:

  1.  Develop and refine a clear process for identifying areas for employee development
  2. Define  clear, measurable professional development goals tied to performance evaluation
  3.  Provide broad access to professional development opportunities such as certification, coaching ortraining for employees at all levels
  4. Provide  readily available training opportunities on current, high-demand topics


All contributions are tax deductible.

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