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Howard University student volunteers in action.


To those of us whom much is given, much is required.  Volunteers answer this call and pay it forward with the currency of their valuable time.  Personal fulfillment, service to humanity, meeting new friends, or just being a part of a special endeavor with special people, are each benefits realized by volunteers.

The HBCU Foundation’s team of volunteers don’t wait around for ways to get involved, they create them and work in collaboration with other stakeholders to help their communities thrive:

  1. by making our events successful. Our volunteers and their dedication are what make events memorable and successful.
  2. by helping with fundraising efforts. In churches, sororities, fraternities and hundreds of other organizations, volunteers help raise the money that enables The HBCU Foundation to support more than 300,000 students each year.
  3. by chairing, or supporting Workplace Giving campaigns, you help The HBCU Foundation achieve its mission of helping students to attend and graduate college.


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