HBCU Foundation Board Member Howard Jean on TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin

Howard Jean on Roland Martin

Newly appointed member of The HBCU Foundation Board, Howard R. Jean was recently featured on TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin.

 (Video below)
Young Black Male Entrepreneur Institute Founders, Howard R. Jean and Randall Keith Benjamin Jr. along with BME Participant Ben Carter of Mind Your Damn Money, LLC, discuss the institute and young black millennials as business owners in America with host Roland S. Martin on TV One’s “NewsOne Now” morning talk show.
The Black Male Entrepreneur (BME) Institute provides both seasoned and novice millennial black male entrepreneurs with a 16 week dynamic and personalized business development experience. The selected cohort will matriculate through a curricula led by subject matter experts from the framework of our nation’s most competitive business institutions.  The entrepreneurs will also receive business development counseling from a cadre of diverse business leaders with a culminating experience that allows cohort members to pitch to a selection of CEO’s and investors from the region. Through this experience, cohort members will exchange ideas, lessons learned and best practices with fellow entrepreneurs during formal and informal sessions as they enhance, education & empower one another.
We believe Black Male Entrepreneurs can counteract negative perceptions society has of African-American men and their contributions to society. The development of successful black male entrepreneurs through the BME Institute is a solution to decreasing the national unemployment rate and a model on how successful business practices in communities can influence self-sustainability and servant leadership in underserved communities. For more information visit www.BMEinstitute.org or tweet @RKBTWO and @Howardrjean.

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