Young Alumni Fundraising – Part II

Maeve Strathy | May 2013 On April 26th I wrote Young Alumni Fundraising – Part I, and shared with you the many reasons why you cannot ignore your young alumni.  I ended the post by promising to share how to ask your young alumni, so here is Part II answering “how?”. Again, this post in two parts is the result […]


Top 5 Black Celebrity Philanthropists Of All Time!

Top 5 Black Celebrity Philanthropists Of All Time! | via BCG Written by jasminec. Posted in Change-Makers While the main-stream media tends to focus on stories regarding black celebrities  based upon pure speculation, slanderous lies and or unsubstantiated allegations; they rarely shed light on African American philanthropists and their unselfish efforts of giving and genuine love […]


How HBCUs Can Increase Alumni Donation Rates

Written by Larisa Robinson Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are known for providing supportive learning environments, strong educational foundations and life lessons African-American students can use long after they graduate. Although many HBCU graduates have mostly positive things to say about their alma maters, they don’t often show their gratitude financially. For instance, between 2009 and […]

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