Access HBCU: College Readiness



The HBCU Foundation’s ACCESS HBCU College Readiness Program focuses on college preparation and early awareness for students grade 8 through 12 and their families, or guardians.


  1. Students will develop a High School planning calendar to help guide their successful matriculation from high school to college
  2. Each student will undergo a Career Assessment and shall be provided a Career Roadmap
  3. College Selection Workshop for students and Parents/Guardians
  4. Navigating The Admissions Process (Workshop)
  5. Essay preparation workshop
  6. Demystifying the Financial Aid Application Process; a workshop for students and families
  7. Scholarship Sourcing workshop
  8. Respect the Hour; Time management techniques workshop
  9. Ongoing Asset development
  10. Development of a personal mission statement
  11. HBCU college tours
  12. Virtual HBCU College Tours

Students are also provided a range of other tools and useful on and offline resources.


Students from private, community and public schools are welcome to participate. One- one-one counseling is also available.

Next application period begins July 1, 2018.  Email

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