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HBCUs have nurtured and produced some of the most prolific artists, thought-leaders and  entrepreneurs of our time.   As a nation, we are close to reaching a collective understanding that all students benefit from the opportunity to learn about and experience the arts. Study of the arts in its many forms—whether as a stand-alone subject or integrated into the school curriculum— is increasingly accepted as an essential part of achieving success in school, work and life.

In 2014, The HBCU Foundation embarked on a very personal mission to re-invigorate our HBCU campuses with engaging, thought-provoking, emotionally and intellectually-stimulating programs, featuring renown lecturers, scholars, artists, actors and forward-thinkers.  Another component of our effort is to raise funding for the commission and installation of new artworks by renown artists on our 105 HBCU campuses.  With your support, we will reach and enrich the campuses of as many HBCUs as possible.

SOURCE: “New Harris Poll Reveals That 93% of Americans Believe That the Arts Are Vital to Providing a Well- Rounded Education,”

Yet, at the same time we celebrate the arts for the value they add to learning and to life, study of the arts is quietly disappearing from our schools. In schools across the country, opportunities for students to participate in high-quality arts instruction and activities are diminishing, the result of shifting priorities and budget cuts. A great percentage of HBCU students come from these particularly disadvantaged backgrounds.  Studies show that children from low-income families are less likely to be consistently involved in arts activities or instruction than children from high-income families.  Unfortunately, poor, inner-city and rural schools bear a disproportionate share of the losses.

Your donations and on-going support will help to ensure that students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities get access to vibrant, enriching programs, laying the foundation for a well-rounded life to include an appreciation for the arts and the arts value to our lives.

Past Participants



Rodney-Sampson Creator, Kingonomics™

dia simms 75 x 75

Dia Simms President, CIROC/Blue Flame Agency™

Tony Gaskins Jr

Tony Gaskins Jr. Renown Motivational Speaker

angela watts 75 x 75

Angela Watts CEO, 10 Squared PR™

henny 75 x 75

Justin “Henny” Henderson Grammy™ Winning Producer

EnitanBereola 75 x75

Enitan Bereola Author, Bereolesque™


Will Moss CEO, HBCU Connect™


Kevin “WAK” Williams Renowned Visual Artist

danny swain 75 x 75

Danny Swain Producer, Okayplayer™ Records

clevis 75 x 75

Clevis Harrison Creative Director, Trey Songz Productions




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Your donation goes towards bringing vibrant, intellectually and culturally stimulating speakers, arts and culture programs and events to HBCU campuses.
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