The “Give One Up” Challenge

Give One Up Featured Image A dollar sure isn’t what it used to be, but with your participation in the Give One Up Challenge, we’ll put your hard-earned dollars to good use on behalf of HBCU Students. Each Tuesday, we are asking our supporters to make a gift of $25, or $1 for every member of their family including themselves, that attended an HBCU.  Perhaps you have your own reason for supporting the Give One Up Challenge and noone you know attended an HBCU.  In that case, simply join the challenge with any donation amount you’d like and share your reason for donating.

With college costs rising dramatically each year, thousands of students from disadvantaged backgrounds face the challenge of paying for their college tuition and avoiding the pitfall of being saddled with enormous debt upon graduation.  With your contribution, you allow a talented student to cover expenses and focus on completing their education, ensuring their access to excellent career opportunities and a chance to make a difference in our communities.  Every gift makes an impact. To make a gift today, simply enter a gift amount below.

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The "Give One Up" Challenge
Beginning September 20th, at the commencement of National HBCU Week, through December 31st, we are asking everyone to commit to making a gift of at least $1 for every member of their family including themselves, that attended an HBCU. Our goal is to provide 50 scholarships each year to deserving students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities and with your help, we'll do it!
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