Each year, at companies all around the country, individuals contribute millions of dollars to support worthy causes and organizations such as The HBCU Foundation and still, so many young people’s dreams of a college education and access to the most fulfilling career opportunities go unrealized. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of deserving students and their families, one kind act at a time.

Our Donor Resource Center provides information and links to resources, to help you find a way to support our work, that suits you.


The HBCU Foundation offers three options for supporting HBCU students and schools from your workplace:  payroll deduction, matching gifts and Workplace Impact Committees (WICS).

Payroll Contributions: Philanthropy 101

A large number of employers offer payroll deduction as an optional service to their employees. Making a gift each pay period through payroll deduction is a simple way to provide support to  students who otherwise may not have the resources to complete college. Further, there is no minimum donation requirement, so you simply designate a donation amount you can afford.   Imagine if you will that your $3 to $5 weekly donation can help a student with books and/fees for an entire semester while a $50 weekly donation might for example, help a student with room and board for an entire school year.  Your gift matters.

To sign up in support of The HBCU Foundation via payroll deduction, see your Human Resources Department and complete and submit the form they provide.

HBCU Thank You

Matching Gifts

Employee Matching Gifts are donations an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Usually associated with corporate grantmakers, employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation.

Guidelines and amounts vary with each company. Typically, individuals must submit forms to their employers. You can get more information about your employer’s matching gift benefits from your human resources department.

  • To find out if your employer will match your gifts to The HBCU Foundation™, click here.
  • To download The HBCU Foundation’s Workplace Giving brochures and posters, perfect for printing, or sharing via email, click here.

Workplace Impact Committees: Taking Action and Serving Others

As we  grow the giving capacity of The HBCU Foundation, we’re asking for the support of motivated employees to create programs within their organizations in support of our mission.  These Workplace Impact Committee (WICS) members create and chose the desired outcomes for each program.  Participation includes volunteer support and support for fund raising activities that support the program created by the committee members.

  • To view and download marketing materials for The HBCU Foundation’s Workplace Campaign, click here.


In lieu of flowers, you can give a gift in honor, or memory of someone. With your gift, a digital “ePostcard” will be emailed to an individual of your choice to let them know of your special donation.

To make your gift, simply complete the form below, being careful to complete each field accurately. including proper spelling of names, emails and personal messages.

If you prefer to make your special gift by check, click here and carefully follow the instructions.


hbcu donation























email-iconsBY MAIL

Print out the form below and send it with your gift to:

The HBCU Foundation
Attn: Direct Response Programs
750 Cross Pointe Rd. Suite Q
Columbus, Ohio 43230

Printable Donation Form

phone-icons  BY PHONE

Use your credit card to donate over the phone.  Our Donor Service team is available to help you between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. Donation hotline: (800) 871-HBCU

350-icons  ONLINE:


A generous monthly gift of $10 can go a long way towards easing the financial burden on a deserving student attending college.  $15, $25, or more, can have an even greater impact on the futures of our students.  Your monthly gift is used to help cover the assorted costs associated with students’ lab fees, supplies and equipment.  By signing up online for a recurring monthly donation, or by authorizing an electronic funds transfer, your gift can automatically be processed on the same day of each month.

Sign up online for automatic donations each month, or fill out an Electronic Transfer Form and mail to:

The HBCU Foundation, Inc. – Workplace Giving
750 Cross Pointe Rd.
Suite Q
Columbus, Ohio 43230

Phone: (800) 871-4228

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader Click here to download

Donate Stocks / Securities




Broker:  Morgan Stanley
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Credit To: HBCU Foundation, Inc
Acct #: 949 – 033585
Contact Name:  Bethany
Contact Phone: (614) 473-2422
HBCU Foundation Tax ID: 20-2929264

If you need more information or have questions, please email:

Wills and Trusts

To learn more about Wills and Trusts, click here.

Donor Stories

To learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others, click here.

Fundraising Efficiency

The HBCU Foundation supports nearly 300,000 students matriculating on member institution campuses. With federal funds supporting these-schools being cut and 86% of students requiring financial aid assistance, the need for our work is dire and ever-growing.

To learn more, click here.

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