Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Inducts Daniel Moss Into 2015 Alumni Hall of Fame

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Daniel Moss HCASC Hall of Fame

Pictured L to R: 2015 HCASC Hall of Fame inductees Daniel C. Moss, Monita Bell, Dr. Mark Middleton and Honda America’s Steve Morikawa

(Video below)

Daniel Moss, Chairman & CEO of The HBCU Foundation, shared with three fellow HBCU Alumni, the honor of being recently inducted into the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Alumni Hall of Fame in Los Angeles California, as a part of the event’s annual week of events.

HCASC alumni span the U.S. and abroad. Their career paths are varied — they are doctors, teachers, lawyers, community-builders, scientists, professors, architects, researchers, writers & journalists, military & government officials, business leaders & entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, economists, musicians, and more. They share an enthusiasm for learning and have put their education to good use.

Each year players, coaches, presidents and volunteers come together to celebrate HBCU excellence and student scholarship and compete in a round-robin styled quiz tournament made up of 5 person teams, each representing their respective HBCU, including 4 players and 1 alternate. More than $7.5 million in grants from Honda have provided support for book & tuition scholarships, facilities upgrades, and other investments to improve the student experience.

The year-round HCASC season begins when students arrive in the fall. Power Search quizzes, given across campus where students learn, gather, study and live, help identify the superstars. Next, HBCUs hold campus tournaments and form their HCASC Club. Practice sessions commence, with an emphasis on knowledge acquisition and team building. In December, the coach selects the varsity team. In January, teams attend official National Qualifying Tournaments which help determine the field for the National Championship. In January, teams attend National Qualifying Tournaments, after which, the Great 48 teams are selected.

At the National Championship, over 100 volunteers, including 50 Honda associates, serve as game officials, conduct registration and host the students. Honda highlights the HCASC program with its associates throughout the year.

To learn more about HCASC, or to view bios of all HCASC Alumni Hall of Fame inductees click here.

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