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HBCUs have nurtured and produced some of the most prolific artists, and thought-leaders of our time.  In early 2020, The HBCU Foundation embarked on a very personal mission to expose HBCU campuses to engaging programs via both live and virtual events, featuring renowned and diverse artists and thought-leaders sharing their unique talents, insights and experiences with participants. […]

The "Give One Up" Challenge - The HBCU Foundation, Inc.

The “Give One Up” Challenge

A dollar sure isn’t what it used to be, but with your participation in the Give One Up Challenge, we’ll put your hard-earned dollars to good use on behalf of HBCU Students. Each Tuesday, we are asking our supporters to make a gift of $25, or $1 for every member of their family including themselves, that attended […]

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HBCU of the Month | Kentucky State University | The HBCU Foundation

HBCU of the Month

  Congratulations to Kentucky State University, The HBCU Foundation’s July HBCU of the Month!  We are asking all KSU alumni, family, friends and fans to pledge a gift and lend support by spreading the word.  Donations will go in support of scholarships to students attending Kentucky State University. The HBCU Foundation™ uses donor support to extend […]

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