The HBCU Foundation is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help fulfill our mission.  As a nimble, growing organization, we offer volunteer the opportunity to volunteer remotely, with the aim of activating our volunteer in the communities they live and work in.  Workplace campaigns, via the support of our volunteer, allow us to convey The HBCU Foundation’s mission and educate supporters about ways to lend a “Helping Hand” through payroll deduction and volunteering.

In the case you’re interested in volunteering with The HBCU Foundation, we’ve been waiting to hear from you! Our volunteers’ efforts make a dramatic difference in the lives of the students and communities we serve.

Because of the commitment and support of our volunteers, The HBCU Foundation continues to be “A Helping Hand, in support of deserving students in need.”®With college costs rising dramatically each year, thousands of students from disadvantaged backgrounds face the challenge of paying for their college tuition and avoiding the pitfall of being saddled with enormous debt upon graduation.  With your contribution, you allow a talented student to cover expenses and focus on completing their education, ensuring their access to excellent career opportunities and a chance to make a difference in our communities.  Every gift makes an impact. To make a gift today, simply enter a gift amount below.



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