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STOCK TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS  (This option is not yet available)

Broker:  Morgan Stanley
DTC#:  xxxx
Credit To: HBCU Foundation, Inc – Short-Term Investments
Acct #: xxx-xxxxx
Contact Name:  Bethany
Contact Phone:  614-xxx-xxxx
HBCU Foundation Tax ID: 20-2929264

Prior to transfer, please send us the name of the donor, name of stock and number of stock shares so that we may properly credit our records and provide an official receipt for tax records.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact:

Daniel Moss
Executive Director, The HBCU Foundation
750 -Q Cross Pointe Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43230
(800) 871 – HBCU (direct)
877.864.4446 (toll free)

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